How to format a college essay

While some teachers may require Sagas your own specific guidelines for formatting college essays, several aspects of college-level work are done across the curriculum. If you take a moment to make sure that you follow these basic steps, elaborarĂ¡s a document formatted well and be ready to adapt this basic format to any other style sheet that a teacher may ask you to use.
Use A4 plain white paper; 500-sheet multipurpose paper, paper or 20 pounds, comes in a ream. The “A4″ designation refers to size, 8 1/2 by 11 inches (21.2 27.5 cm). Buy in bulk and not tempted to use leftover paper mauve, thicker resume paper or any other size. Do not use binders, folders or plastic covers. Stapled or attached with a clip on the top left hand corner.
Use black regular source of 10 or 12 point Times New Roman or a similar font. Do not use larger fonts or font styles luxury. Put double spacing all your work, and make sure the printer is set to black ink.
Use one-inch margins (2.5 cm) margins on all sides evenly. Use paragraphs indented five spaces or TAB space, unless otherwise noted, appointments and leaves 10 slots. Leave a blank line above and below the graphs, charts or other visual components.
Number the pages the top right hand corner. At the undergraduate level and depending on your school or discipline, you will probably be asked to use the APA or MLA style, but several other style guides exist. If the APA style is used, the first page numbered and includes a header (an abbreviation of it), if you use the MLA style, not numbers the first page and include your name before the numbers on the following pages. If a cover sheet is necessary, do not count as a page. For example, the APA or MLA format instructions for the cover page are as follows. For APA, centers the title of your paper on the cover and write down your name and university affiliation; MLA to center the title of your paper on the cover and provide your name, the instructor’s name, course information and the date on the bottom right of the page.
Formatted direct quotations with quotation marks and citation brackets (depending on the style sheet, this may just be the author’s last name and the page number or last name and year of publication). Estate sure to give credit to all the external sources you used. If footnotes are required, use the option on your software to format documents, saving you time and many headaches. Short quotations (guidelines vary, three lines or less should be appropriate) are contained in the text of the document; longer quotes should be centered in a block indented 10 spaces as a separate sentence or sentences.
Assume that a section of “Works Cited” or “Bibliography” is necessary (if the external sources you used), and be sure to provide complete bibliographic listing of source materials that you quoted (“Works Cited”) or reference to (“Bibliography”), in alphabetical order by author’s last name. See the style guide for the editorial style used in these sections, as they vary in their details.


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